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department of public works crews are still cleaning unmess in the mission district. hue victory celebration here got out of hand. it's a superstore, one that can cause -- super storm, one that can cause catastrophic devastation. >> welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, october 29th. the giants won their second title in three years with a sweep of the detroit tigers.
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sergio romo struck out miguel cabrera to end the game in the 10th inning. >> we cute up with matt cain. he did not get the win but did strike out five. some of the celebrations by giants' fans turned ugly.
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allie rasmus is live where they are cleaning up. >> reporter: if you look to where we are, you can see the shadow -- he's wiping up some of the tags -- we turned the camera around to this intersection at mission and 16th. >> this intersection was completely closed off to traffic -- while police were out here patrolling the crowd and department of public work crews were -- were the mess. rowdy crowds set fire to at least a -- half a dozen
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dumpsters. ra lot of fires by the demonstrators, lighting trash cans, public cans and private cans. construction, debris, whatever they could find to light on fire. >> reporter: dozens of police lined the intersection of 15th and mission. that was at 1:00 this morning when police told the fans they were participating in an -- in an unlawful assembly. we did see officers making several arrests. the crowds torched dump sters, some workers barricaded themselves inside their shops on mission street. >> it was scary. we don't want to --
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>> reporter: the crews spent the night cleaning up the mess. the street sweepers have been out here -- have been out here numerous times. if we take you back out here live, this is a street where all of the mess we just showed you was. it's definitely a lot cleaner. you can still see some of the dump sters that were burned up. they are now right i'd supe -- right side up. we don't know how many people have been arrested because of what happened last night. >> the parade is this wednesday
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for the giants' win. we'll have full coverage of the parade here. including the best ways to get there since you may remember last time, roads, buses an b.a.r.t., platforms were just parked. happening right now, hurricane sandy, it's barreling toward the east coast as we speak getting even stronger. now, the storm is not expected to make landfall until later today. right along the new jersey coast. there are already reports of damage and flooding. in ocean city, we're having problems keeping pictures sometimes. in ocean city, maryland, another downtown pier has just been damaged. in new york, reports of flooding in manhattan's battery park and in brooklyn and then there are thousands of canceled
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flights, stranding thousands of passengers. ail length savidge is live at san francisco -- alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport airport with the very latest on cancellations there. >> reporter: good morning, yes. all the way across the country, sfo being impacted by sandy. just got an impact -- just got an update. a total of 150 flights have been cancelled -- canceled. here is a look at the board this morning. there is a flight to washington, d.c. weather cancellations are being felt for many east coast destinations. >> sfo to six key cities, boston, philadelphia, new york, newark, washington, d.c. and baltimore. any one trying to get to those cities may have to bait several days. most of the -- may have to wait several days.
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other flights are feeling the effect, american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta. the airlines are trying to book people on other flights. this storm is causing major problems causing a significant effect on the west coast. it's difficult to say how long the cancellations are gonna extend to, obviously all of the frights are -- flights are canceled for today. i think it's reasonable to expect some cancellations tomorrow. the best advice for passengers and stay in touch with their airline. >> reporter: tsa representative told me this morning, the volume, in terms of passengers here seems very light compared to what it normally is. maybe people are getting the word before showing up. that's the best advice.
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we're live at sfo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> hurricane sandy also affect ecthe presidential race. much for you at 7:15, how the storm forced president obama to change his schedule just this morning. 7:0. let's check in with sal. let's see how things are moving this morning. how is 280 looking. it's a little bit slow. had a little bit -- had a little bit of fog out there? it was foggier earlier. the fog is moving around. you can see slow traffic coming up around the corner. also looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, other busy area. as you can see, westbound is backed up to the maze. a thick monday if you look right there in the middle. i don't know if you can spot it. it is like spotting where's waldo. there a pickup stalled with the flashers on right there in the toll plaza. you can signed of -- you can --
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you can kind of see it. it looks like we'll have to get a bridge crew out there. moving on to the peninsula, the traffic moving well on 101 and 280. but the fog is an issue. to talk more about that fog. >> there is a lot to go around, some areas are clear. other areas, is a wall of -- is a wall of fog. sometimes the fog can linger until 9:00. let's look ahead to the victory parade. i'm confident -- we're holing off on the -- holds off on the rain because of hurricane sandy i think halloween, wednesday, mostly cloudy, could some drizzle near the coast. but we take the rain out -- out of the forecast. very warm air aloft, kind of tracking that low cloud deck. there will be low -- by
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tomorrow, i think this fog will lift a little bit. but the clouds -- in fact, if anything it will get helped along by the system coming in. it will help push things along. so i think today is the -- so i think today is the day for the thickest fog. the forecast for today does have some fog advisories until 8:00. otherwise clear and cool, mostly sunny, some of that fog is not going anywhere. >> it will be cooler today. that dense fog advisory for inland areas. once that nothing burns off it will be sunny. it will continue tuesday and bottom out into wednesday and thursday. some areas are mild. other areas are really cool at 45. fairfield is 46. the system moved into the pacific northwest. that knocks the high-pressure system down. so that is allowing this cooling to take place.
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we clear it out and it will be sunny and warmer for the weekend. new this morning, firefighters are on the scene of a stubborn fire at an empty warehouse. it started shortly after 4:00 this morning on ail la men -- almaden road. the fire is 90% contained. the firefighters say this is the third multiple alarm fire they responded to in legs than 24 hours. the san jose fire department's newest recruits, meanwhile, start at the academy today. the 33 recruits make up one of the ds biggest classes ev-- one of the biggest classes ever. the academy class is being paid for by an $8.6 million grant
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from fema. recruits will graduate in march. 7:12. police in rohnert park arrested a man accused of peeping into a child's bedroom window. it happened early yesterday morning on montero drive. police say 23-year-old daniel collard climbed onto the roof of the house and then removed the window screen and was talking to the child through the win dope. they scared off the suspect. it was -- he was later arrested as he walked around the neighborhood. 7:13. dispatch center closed. why the chp center in vallejo remains shut down and who is handling their emergency calls. the unusual case before the supreme court about textbooks. how it is pitting a grand student against three huge industries. but he has major supports.
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well, lots of low clouds around, fog, fog advisory takes us until 8:00. otherwise it will be sunny, seeing that blanket of fog. 60s and 70s. 7:15. new this morning, president obama right now is heading back to washington, d.c. he canceled a florida campaign appearance this morning because of the approaching hurricane sannie. >> scott macfarland is out on the streets of washington, d.c. to show us -- to show us how the storm is affecting the federal government and president obama's schedule. >> and dave, this seping news, the white house says the president has canceled tomorrow's appearance in green bay, wisconsin to stay here in d.c. and monitor this storm, d.c., the nation's capital, is a ghost town. let's take a look at the president hopping on a plane. he knows what it sit -- what is sitting -- what is hitting
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here. the rains already coming down heavy. they will get heavier as the afternoon moves along. the administrator of fema talking about how they are preparing this morning. >> pennsylvania, flooding and we've been moving stuff into position. because power outages are likely to top the million- dollar mark. the u.s. -- is announcing closures. the supreme court hears arguments in a copyright protection case that has a
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graduate student being backed up. the student used ebay to sell 900 textbooks published abroad by wiley and sons. i made $100,000 overseas where he got them. there is a town hall meeting in richmond tonight to discuss the tax on sugary drinks. measure 1 to add a tax on soda and sugary drinkses. sugary drinks. >> the town hall meeting starts at bethel church in richmond. 7:18. the search goes on for two men missing in. sierra nevada. larry kanone went hiking ten days ago. he has not been seen since.
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crews are searching for matthew hansen. he never game -- came back from a ten-day backpacking trip. and just last week, search crews did find another missing hiker who spent about six days in the sierra wilderness. police in oakley still looking for whoever killed a man white in -- right in front of a bar. it happened at the broken wheel cocktail lounge on main street and hill avenue. investigators say he was shot several times. he died at the hospital. his name so far has not been released. >> in fairfield, police are investigating a fatal shooting there. police were called to oceanic court about 3:00 yesterday morning and they say they found a 30-year-old man in his driveway, shot at least once. he later died at the hospital. neighbors heard investigators they heard a loud argument and then the gunfire. if you have any information, call fairfield police. 7:19. the chp dispatch center in vallejo remains closed this
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morning after a fire in the building last night. a computer consulate overheated and caught fire. the building's sprinkler system quickly put out the fire and there were no injuries. but the center remains closed and there's no estimate on when it will remain -- remain open. senior sit sens -- senior citizens in silicon valley are being warned about scams. the calls say they are from their grandchild and they are in a mexican jail and need to get out. they say older americans lose $2.9 billion to fraud. most victim also women between 80 and 90 years old. there will be no reprieve for first-time violenters caught burning fire on spare-
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the-air days. starting this year, $100 citations will be issued and the bay area air quality management district will not give fines for those who attend a class on this. look at the fog over the oakland area. steve is coming back. he will tell us when it will get here and if it will affect trick or treaters on halloween. big celebrations in san francisco overnight after the giants win the world series.
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7:23. the violence continues in syria despite a cease-fire that's supposed to be in effect. boast the -- both the government and rebel forces agreed to a cease-fire that ends today. but the truce collapsed almost immediately after it was supposed to take effect. a hundred people were killed on saturday and sunday. today, the syrian government says a car bomb in a damascus suburb killed ten people. back to the world series. a lot of giants' fans headed to bars in san francisco to watch their team win the world series. [ cheers ] >> this is just a taste of what it was like in north beach. after the game, fans ran out in the streets to set off
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fireworks. >> we won! we won! we did it! >> the noise of the cheering fans, they fill the streets of north beach for many hours after the game. >> hopefully some of the folks have gone home and gotten some rest. we'll have a lot more traffic to come back on wednesday for the parade. >> the atmosphere will be festive and very san francisco. >> let's take a look at what we have with the morning commute. we have a toll plaza delay that's robust. it's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. the only lines doing well now
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are the carpool lanes. >> it's kind of -- i see a truck pulling up. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic is moderately heavy getting across to the foggy peninsula. this morning on the peninsula, it is going to be okay on the roads. 101 a little bit slow in san mateo. we have a lot of low clouds around. the fog advisory will take us to 9:00, i think. i don't think it will be done at 8:00. i think we're dry until thursday morning. so our system morning into the north is kind of knocking down the ridge of high pressure. it's saying, i won't allow to you move in.
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it is creating an onshore push. so that fog advisory goes for a while. some of that is really, really thick. the warm air capping, and the fog on the coast could produce mist and drizzle. i think this will lift torm. 40s and 50s -- lift tomorrow. forthed and 50s -- forths and 50s -- 40s and 50s. i think the magnitude of sandy back east is slowing everything down. 6 and 70s, increasing late clouds on wednesday. looks like the trick or treers are all right. sunny and warm by the weekend. >> thank you. we're continuing to track the path of hurricane sandy as it barrels toward the east coast. >> when that storm could make landfall and the damage and flooding it has already caused. overzealous giant fans tear
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up city streets. police say it's some of the worse damage they've seen in years. you will hear from a security guard who says he was attacked. and the world series championship t-shirts, you want one, don't you? we'll tell you where you can get them -- coming up. this is hayden. he's five years old.
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it is 7:0. the san francisco giant -- it
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is 7:30. the san francisco giants are world champions, once again. they swept the tigers in extra innings of game 4 last night. >> got him looking! and the giants have won it all! [ cheers ] >> sergio romo struck out miguel cabrera to end the game in the 10th inning. just minutes earlier, marco scutaro got a two-out hit to knock in the go-ahead run. >> marco's been the man. he's the main guy picking us up in situations. >> this is the giants' second world championship, they are expected to fly into sfo around 3:30 this afternoon. >> several arrests were made in the mission district. some fans became too rowdy. police in riot gear tried to
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break up the crowds, trash cans were burned in the middle of the street. about 1:00 -- about 1:00 they were participating in an -- in this and were told to leave. now, several bonfires were lit. streets were closed down. there were major traffic problems for people trying to get around in the city. things got out of hand near second and market streets. one of our photographers round this. they found people jumping on top of the muni bus. then that same area, a fewer sent in that video of a vehicle flipped over by the celebrating fans. >> there was also vandalism and violence near at&t park. tara moriarty has a look at the damage and the story of the security guard targeted by the
7:33 am
unruly crowd. >> reporter: we're here at third and bryant where the offices were targeted as well as this store. you can see where the vandals smacked the glass there. on the side, you can see glass strewn all over the -- all over the place. you can hear the crunch of glass. we did speak with the security guard next door who said he was assaulted when an angry mob of 200 people showed up. >> supposed to be a celebration. it's not supposed to be a riot which is what it turned in to. >> i was on the phone with police the whole time. i was on hold listening to a recording while they are breaking my windows. >> reporter: police sources tell ktvu that on-duty officers were outnumbered that the department was not prepared to mandel the crowd -- were not prepared to handle the crowd.
7:34 am
the giants' win did start off as a celebration. [ cheers ] >> it feels great! it feels like 2010 all over again. but a little bit better because we're proving to everybody that we deserve to be here. >> and the lack of attention the team gets and the bias and the doubters and pun debts, you -- pun debts -- fundettes out there -- pundets out there -- pundits out there. people packed the streets -- streets. there's quite a bit of damage. we learned two officers were hurt by flying gas. they were kurt and back here you can see the cleaning -- they were cut and back here you can see the cleaning crews.
7:35 am
a lot of questions -- as far as where all of the police officers tonight are and these are -- these are questions being posed this morning. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> well, world series championship merchandise will be telling fast around the bay area. brian flores is live in union city there. i'm assuming those folks are under the gun working hard, right, brian? >> yeah, you are exactly right. they are frantically working trying to get these world series championship stores out to stores and the bay area. these are the hottest items out there right now. we're talking about the giants' world championship t-shirts. chuck, this has to be an exciting time for you. >> yeah. to see two championships why three years has been great. >> talk to us about the process
7:36 am
of taking -- of making these shirts. it was a tight game. what would have happened if the tigers won -- if the tigers won the world series? >> there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. we have to have the blank t shirts there. and -- blank t-shirts there and then we have to do filmens and screens for each color and each design so this one is four colors on two of them and three on another times the number of machines that we have there. so we probably made about 40 screens altogether to get ready for this. and to get them set up and register. >> i know you've been working through the night. you've been working since yesterday? >> yeah, the ones starting to risk the giants not winning, we started at 5:00 yesterday. we printed about seven hours and then we came back right after the game ended and
7:37 am
started since then. it's been about -- getting close to 20 hours total the rest of them -- as soon the -- as soon as the store is open they will find them. >> do you have enough? >> it's hard to say. >> no question. these are the hottest items in the bay area right now. you can get them at j.c. penney, kohl's we're live, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to, click on the world series tab. 7:37. hurricane sandy continues to barrel toward the east coast this morning. we're already getting reports of damage and flooding. this is new video into our newsroom of the flooding in manhattan's battery park that's right on the southern tip of
7:38 am
manhattan. very crows to -- very close to the ferries. significant flooding has already been reported in brooklyn and we've also learned that a section of the boardwalk has been badly damaged along with a pier in maryland. >> this storm is moving slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> forecasters say the center of the storm is expected to make landfall along the new jersey coast later today. hundreds of people have been ordered to evacuate. the subway is shut down and wall street is closed today. meanwhile, a hundred members of california's nash guard are heading there to -- national guard are heading there to help. they are expected to leave around 11:00 a.m. this morning in mountain view. the storm is more powerful than google. hurricane sannie is forcing google to cancel the
7:39 am
introduction of its latest nexus. we're already receiving reports of damage in new jersey which could be hit especially hard by the storm. coming up at 7:45, we'll have a live report on conditions in asberry park. there was a moderate earthquake last night t was a 4.2 magnitude quake. it hit five miles northwest of the monument. so far, no word of any injuries or damage. 7:39. let's check in with sal. see how things are moving on the roads an bridges. i'm looking okay -- and bridges. >> i'm looking okay. there is a crash on westbound highway 4. that's been slowing traffic. it's backing -- it's blocking one of the lanes. they are trying to clear it now. there is also a crash westbound
7:40 am
near pittsburg. highway 4 has been busy coming up to the concord side. bay bridge toll plaza, there was a stalled truck. the backup is about normal, 0 minutes or so before you make it on the actual bridge. on the peninsula we've had some slow traffic on 101 throughmate and -- through san mateo and again palo alto. union city and fremont very slow. a lot of people back at it on a monday. let's go to steve. >> well, we have clear skies for some. there is a lot of fog for others. it's kind of way down there. if you don't have any of this, be careful because some of the visibility is awful. we have fog in the forecast but also for the giants' victory parade. i think it will be mostly cloudy. could be some drizzle. probably not. mostly cloudy, near 60 degrees.
7:41 am
it will be fine and for the trick or treaters. originally last week it looked like things were gonna be coming in for rain but because -- because of hurricane sandy and just how large it is, everything is slowing down. our system not due until thursday morning. mostly cloudy, breezy. i think overall, a lot of clouds. sandy is moving back toward the west, going from east to west. so that's putting the brakes on everything. we do have a lot of fog around. the advisory goes until 8:00, there will be some areas that will last longer than that. dense fog, otherwise, clear, cool, sunny. the dense fog advisory is out. coast and also for inland areas. but the cooling trend has begun. we have warm temperatures on the weekend. today is still warm for some.
7:42 am
and then thursday, 40s and 50s on temperatures. cold for some. with everything right now just kind of on hold. our system is developing. but it still has a couple of days before it makes a movement to the coast or even inland. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. turning cloudy late wednesday. thursday morning we'll get rain and clear it out. back to sunny and warmer. >> all right. we will be going live to the east coast next for an update on that huge storm bearing down. it's all quiet on wall street, too quiet. the last time the mark -- the last time the markets were closed because of the weather. and i went to my neighbor, and i -- and i said fire! fire! and i went to my other neighbor yelling -- yelling fire! fire!
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it would be too dangerous, it was decided to have the workers come into the financial district. this is the first unplanned shut down since 9/11. obviously in 2001. and the last time the markets were closed for weather was back in 1985 during hurricane gloria. market operators will decide if they -- if they will be closed tomorrow. rene marsh is live in asberry park to show us the conditions
7:46 am
there. it looks pretty nasty. >> reporter: it is pretty nasty. i'm getting light rain. you can see the atlantic really, really choppy this morning. you can see the huge, huge waves. we're in a coastal community, asberry park, new jersey which has been under a mandatory evacuation. sandy is already pounding with the rains. tom corbett -- >> this storm is morning slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> reporter: the new york stock exchange suspended trayed -- trading for monday, the broadway shows are dark and michael bloomberg asked residents to respond. >> i can't stress enough this is for your own safety.
7:47 am
and that if you refuse to evacuate, you are not only putting yourself at risk but also the first responders who will have to assist new an emergency. >> reporter: president obama has this advice for those living in the storm's path. >> you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your state and local flits because they are gonna be providing -- officials because they will gonna be providing you with the best details on how to deem with the storm in the coming days. in a live look this morning at the atlantic ocean, just how choppy and how rough things have gotten. we just got word from the national hurricane center that hurricane sandy has yet intensified. it's now up to 90 miles an hour as far as the wind speeds go. folks really just -- taking caution and staying wherever it is safe indoors. back to you. >> hope you are safe out there, too. thank you, rene.
7:48 am
meanwhile, cancellations of the airlines have stranded passengers all over the world. we'll tell you how much air traffic is being affected at san francisco international airport and why san francisco could see delays even if they are not flying to the east coast. we'll continue to track the path throughout the morning. you can get updates throughout the day any time at 7:47. the growing scandal over the port of oakland's spending habits now spreading to the oakland police police-- oakland police department. ktvu has none out that some officers go to a karaoke bar and one individual has spent money there. the oakland police department has not commented.
7:49 am
>> you have something really stinking there. the california department of education has just stripped 23 schools of a very important state ranking due to cheating and other misconduct in administering standardized tests. it happened to calculate the academic performance index. according to the l.a. times, violations range from failing to cover up bulletin board to coaching students to help them correct errors. the global family was cited for having reference materials on the wall during the testing. many schools in california could have their credit ratings
7:50 am
reduced if some propositions don't pass in the lexes. moody's says if those two propositions fail, it will begin to immediately review the school districts it considered most financially at risk and possibly downgrade their credit ratings. they would have to pay higher interest rates in order to borrow money. >> in san jose, ten people need a new police to -- need a new place to leave after a fire destroyed their home. it happened on murtha drive. it took firefighters more than 30 minutes to put it out. one fire was taken to the hospital for a minor complaint. >> i went to the neighbor and i said fire! fire! and i went to the other neighbor saying fire! fire! it was really scared because we didn't know and we got the -- and we got the water hose and
7:51 am
tart -- and started to use that. this morning firefighters are mourning the loss of a calfire battalion chief who died on the job. the calfire says rob vanwarmer lost consciousness and passed away while on unassignment. he served as a fire chief and fire investigator. 7:51. a lot of people waking up today and talking about the world series and pablo sandoval, the mvp, the numbers he put up in
7:52 am
the season and a record he barely missed breaking.
7:53 am
7:54 am
what's your name? >> "argo" number one at the box office. ben affleck's movie hit the top spot after two weeks in second place. some giants' fans traveled to almost -- almost 2500 miles to see their giants win the
7:55 am
world series. pablo sandoval hit .500 in the series and he had the big game one where he hit three home runs. he had 21 in hits. one short of tying the all-time record. fred inglis has been in contact and will have a reporter late -- will have a report later. sal, how is the toll plaza? >> crowded right now. as a matter of fact, if you are driving out to the -- if you are driving out to the toll plaza, it's backed up to the
7:56 am
macarthur maze. also, the morning, it will be busy if you are driving in oakland. this it is 880. there are no major problems here. you can see traffic is gonna be slow. a little bit foggy there. if you are driving in san jose, we've seen a lot of slow traffic especially on 101 up to saratoga. >> let's go to steve. >> quick little update here. hurricane sandy is getting stronger. has a 20-mile wide eye. 2785, unbelievable. unbelievable. 933 millibars. it's feeding off the warm gulfstream. it's moving northwest at about 20 miles an hour. wind 90 miles an hour. it will be a huge -- it will be huge for the entire week. some of the fog will linger. dense fog advisory. a little cooler today. temperature trend taking it down more so, tuesday and wednesday, everything is
7:57 am
stalling out. because of the enormous power of sandy is moving from east to west. 40s and 50s. 59 san jose. 44 santa rosa. our system there, it will be in the storm of low clouds. wednesday, the victory parade, i think low clouds. thursday morning we look at rain. clearing on friday and then sunny and warmer bethe weekend -- warmer by the weekend. the giants needed an extra inning but they managed to get the sweep. >> line drive into center field. that's a base hit. >> and now we'll go live to detroit to talk with fred inglis. >> reporter: a victory celebration gets out of hand in the mission district. how the many fires impacted the people who live and work here.
7:58 am
proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority-
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the san francisco giants are the 2010 world series champions. sergio romo struck out miguel ka berrow to finish off the 4-3 victory in the game last night. before that, it was marco -- scutaro who knocked in the winning run. fred inglis is live. i thought 2010 was a big year but in some ways this sweep was even more satisfying. >> reporter: well, it was satisfying, sal. by the way i'm in warren, ohio -- warren, michigan. warren somewhere. very cold, very windy, just like it was at comerica park in downtown detroit last night. i don't know if weather was a
8:01 am
factor but i know that momentum was. think about t they were never trailing until the third inning of yesterday's game. there was so many contributors. how about brandon belt. 0-10 in the world series until he delivers with a big triple to give them the lead for the first time. remember, now, the -- the giants are 10-1 in this postseason when they scored first. 10-1 when they score first. so many different contributors as we said. buster posey, well, he's simply the batting champion in the american lead. he's been relatively quiet, having a decent world series and then he comes back and delivers the go-ahead home run, two-run homer. marco scutaro, who beat out an infield single to get on base,
8:02 am
helped give them the lead again. they lost the lead. it was 3-2. they went back and the tigers hit another home run to headache it 3-3 and extend -- to make it 3-3 and extend this game into three innings. perhaps the most dramatic game -- it was cold and misty. this was very tough rain. it should have been snow. but in the 10th inning when marco scutaro delivers his second hit of the game, it was the game-winning rbi. he was just 2 for 12 in the world series. but he came up with two big hits. think about the swen -- think about the swen yun -- about the venezuelan influence we had
8:03 am
here. it was very much a -- a world series in which the whole world can celebrate. truly, you talk about a sweep but none of those games -- perhaps game one. it was fairly easy. when up win 2-0, and then 2-0 and then 4-3 in ten innings, there was not a lot of room to exhale, if you will, sal. >> fred, we're out of time but i just want to say that i think bruce bochy gets another -- gets a lot of credit. very, very quick final thought on that. >> well, not only bruce but how about brian sabian? i mean, he made the trade of the year when he got marco scutaro in july of 2011. he was simply the best hitter in the major leagues since i started to wear a giants' uniform. this team is built for the long run.
8:04 am
this pitching staff, 7 of the 9 offensive players were not on the team, were not on the 2010 team. but were pretty much the entire pitching staff. except for vogelsong was there. the whole organization, tip of the hat for playing smart, organized and fundamental and winning down the stretch. seven straight in postseason. that's a team record. >> that's ktvu's fred inglis, live in warren, michigan which is right near detroit. thank you, fred and obviously we'll have a lot more coverage and more coverage on last night's victory coming up later. let's go back to dave. 78:04. well, clean -- 8:04. well, cleanup crews were busy cleaning up overnight after some of the giants' fans turned destructive. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, i have to
8:05 am
say, the crews did a really good job of cleaning things up. there isn't much of a mess. you can see the street is cleatly open -- completely open to pedestrians and traffic. the pavement is completely wet. the department of public works, they've been making multiple rounds up and down the streets all morning long. hard to believe, a few hours ago, this street was full of trash, garbage and burned-up dumpsters. it all started when fans were setting dumpsters on fire. there were dumpsters fires on every block from 16th to mission. one firefighter said it did threaten a nearby business but firefighters were able to put it out. it was 1:00 this morning when police told fans that they were participating in an unlawful assembly. they were told the area -- they
8:06 am
were told to leave the area. we did see officers make several arrests for various reasons. some mold us -- some told us the party out here got out of hand. it's fun in the beginning. >> but the reason i left the chaos is because a friend of mine was hit in the face with a beer can. >> people should not tear up the city so much. why would the giants want to win? why would they want too win if this is what we do -- want to win again if this is what we do to show our appreciation? >> reporter: and that resident was so frustrated, she came out to clean up the mess in front of her apartment building herself. crews spent the overnight hours spent the night cleaning up crashes and they were putting out fires. some of these were smoldering for hours. when we arrived here at 1:00 this morning and drove around
8:07 am
the mission district. we didn't see any broken windows on mission and valencia. so it appears that most of the damage overnight was limited -- was limited to those burned up dumpsters and news racks. 16th and mission. cleaner right now than it probable blip is on any given day. dpw has done a lot of work cleaning up that mess. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:07. the city of san francisco now preparing that victory parade for the giants. parade will be this wednesday, on halloween, just like in 2010, the ticker tape parade begins at the foot of market street, it will head to civic center plaza. ktvu will have full coverage for you, including the best ways to get out there since last night, the roads, buses, the b.a.r.t. platforms, they were all packed. we have complete coverage of the world series on our channel 2 website. just go to and click
8:08 am
on the world series tab. it is 8:07 and happening now -- hurricane sandy is gaining strength and has taken a left turn toward the east coast and it's date with two other -- and its date with two other systems. an official from noah is calling it the worse -- noaa is calling it the worst-case scenario. there are reports already of damage and flooding. this is new video of the flooding in manhattan's battery park at the southern part of the island. where you see water and the fence, that's supposed to be dry ground. there are reports to atlantic city's boardwalk and the pier in maryland. if you are flying today. make sure to check the status of your flight before you -- before you go to the airport even if you are not heading to the east coast. alex savidge is live at san francisco international airport to explain how thousands of
8:09 am
flight cancellations nationwide are expected to cause a ripple effect. >> reporter: good morning travelers here having real problems flying back east. tons of floods have been canceled today. all you have to do is look at the radar, you can see exactly why. it's all because of hurricane sandy churning up the eastern seaboard as we speak. the spokesman told me 150 flights have been canceled to and from sfo just for today, all weather-related. the airlines have canceled all of their flights from sfo and the flights that are of concern are the ones heading to these six key cities. bosting -- boston, philadelphia, newark, washington, d.c. an baltimore. most of those flights -- and baltimore. most of those flights are in san francisco because that's their hub. the airlines are booking people onto other flights.
8:10 am
but, of course, that's a slow process. we talked to a couple from italy who came to san francisco for vacation. they were supposed to leave this morning. but their flight to new york, canceled because of the storm. >> we're going to leave, but now the flight is delayed and now we leave on friday. [laughter] >> reporter: a long time. >> yeah. >> three days more. >> yeah. >> reporter: so you get an extended vacation. >> yes. [laughter] >> more time in san francisco, just what you wanted [laughter] >> reporter: the spokesman told me travelers should expect the cancellations to continue to pile up through tomorrow at the very least. live tomorrow at sfo, alex
8:11 am
savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. hurricane sandy is also affecting the president's race. coming up at 8:15, how the -- how the storm forced president obama to change his schedule this morning. with the elections aweek away from tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if that has any impact at all. >> let's check in with sal. how are we holding up? >> we're okay. we'll show you some slowing here and there on 2le 0 -- on 280 northbound. the weather is dark there and gloomy. if you are driving over to 101, you will see slow traffic and across the bay. some slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. now it's time po for the weather -- now it's time for the weather. it just depends. the fog advisory is supposed to
8:12 am
end at 8:00. i've been so busy. i'm sure they probably did. kind of a cooling trend, even though it will be sunny and that fog is there. some of that is -- some of that has produced a little bit of drizzle. i think today's -- today's is closest to the ground. tomorrow it will start to lift a little bit. but we're holding off on any rain until thursday. until then, i think it's low clouds and nothing. san jose, foggy and 59. right now, because of just the nature of sandy going from east to west, everything is stalled out downstream which is us. so we're just waiting. fog, sun, cooler. i will extend -- extend it longer. a little cooler today. once the fog burns off, it will be cooler. 60s, 70s. today the temperatures will continue to cool into tuesday. giants' victory parade, fine. maybe cloudy but no rain expected for the trick or treaters. thursday we bring rain in.
8:13 am
that system will weaken and then we'll it will be warm and then the weekend. a violent night in san jose. the investigation into four separate shootings in just two hours.
8:14 am
8:15 am
some sun out there. but a lot of fog and some of that fog is really thick. so for another hour or two, you might have to deal with it. it will be sunny and nice. but a little cooler than we've had on the weekend. 60s and 70s. much different than the east coast. president obama is back in washington, d.c. he just
8:16 am
arrived on board air force one about a half-hour ago from florida. scott macfarland is in washington, d.c. with the president's last-minute schedule change due to hurricane sandy. scott? >> reporter: and tori, we're told the president is in route to the situation room off the campaign trail indefinitely because hurricane sandy, we can say this without equivocation has arrived has a -- has arrived. the capitol, it's a ghost town now. let me show you a live picture of the surf pushing into virginia beach, virginia. these are pictures that will be replicated up the mid-atlantic and record ties hitting the east coast because of hurricane sandy. here in washington, d.c., it's quiet, rain is steady. the winds are getting faster but it is quiet. the u.s. government is shut down. federal agencies are closed. you call your local congress, you won't get through.
8:17 am
the phones are down. only emergency personnel needed in washington, d.c. needed today. everyone else is told to stay indoors. about 3:00, 4:00, winds will be -- winds will be hitting 40, 50 miles an hour. the rains will get relativier -- heavier. several million likely to lose power by the end of the evening. live in washington, scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, scott. 8:17. some drama on the high seas. the coast guard has arrested two people. two people are unaccounted for. the ship is a replica of the 18th sinry ship of the muteny bounty -- mew tinny -- mutiny bounty. and oil prices fell below
8:18 am
$86 a barrel. more than half a dozen refineries could be in the path of the storm. but the u.s. is well supplied with oil and demand is expected to be down. accounting for the price drop. 8:17. oakland police investigating two separate shootings that seriously injured two people. a nan his early 20s was shot son 72nd avenue, this was about 8:30. shell casings were everywhere. the man was rushed to the hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. another man was critically wounded on a shooting -- in a shooting on hillside street around 5:00 last night. so far there's no word of any arrests. police in san jose investigating several shootings within two hours. >> the man was shot and killed around 3:00 yesterday morning at locust and humboldt streets. three other people were shot and rounded -- were shot and wounded. the rise in violence has
8:19 am
residents in the area very worried. >> it's very scary. there's a lot of kids around. it's getting worse. >> so far, no arrests have been made. police think it's all gang- related. it's safe to drink the water on treasure island again. people who live on the island have been told to boil the water before drinking any of it. now the san francisco public utilities collision says -- says they only need to flush the pipes before turning on the tap. friday night the single main pipe that brings the water to treasure island broke. in hawaii, a tsunami advisory was canceled after waves rolled -- came ashore from canada. the biggest waves hit maui. the golden gate bridge is one step closer to having a
8:20 am
median barrier. the bridge district board approved the design for a one- foot wide concrete barrier t will be 32 inches tall and could be -- barrier. it will be 32 inches tall and could be moved by a special truck. there have been discussions about that barrier for years as a way to improve driver safety on the bridge. somebody has a reason to feel lucky. a winning super lotto-plus ticket worth $13 million was sold in san francisco. lottery officials say the ticket was sold by the best food company. that's a produce company in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood. the winning numbers are 38, 36, 14, 5, 47. the meganumber was 18. all right. it is 8:0. world series excitement from last -- 8:20. world series excitement can be felt from all over the bay area this morning. [ cheers ] >> how thousands of fans celebrated the big win against
8:21 am
the detroit tigers. san mateo bridge, a little bit of busy traffic driving off into the fock and peg -- driving off into the fogg and peninsula. we'll ul-- fog and peninsula. we will -- we'll tell you more about the fog and the peninsula.
8:22 am
8:23 am
it was a big celebration at san francisco's civic center last night where thousands gathered to watch the giants clinch the world series.
8:24 am
[ cheers ] >> the champagne was flowing even though fans were not supposed to have alcohol in the plaza. mayor ed lee said he wanted to give families the opportunity to cheer on the giants together. >> i knew it was gonna happen. the giants came through with flying colors! number one, baby! number one! >> this is not the first time fans have been invited to the plaza. more than 7,000 fans were invited when they won the series in 2010. well, today, microsoft will unveil its new windows phone 8 software. it's gonna power mu phones from nokia, samsung and hec expected to be released bu ut middle of next month -- to be released by the middle of next month. nokia has been losing ground in the phone market and now it has tied almost all -- almost all of its fortunes.
8:25 am
there's new demand for microsoft is low. 50% of the people surveyed said they had not heard about the new operating system. another 29% surveyed said they had little or no interest buy another computer running on windows 8 and 17% say they think it will be an improvement over the current microsoft operating systems. 8:5, you are watching -- 8:25, sal, you are watching the bridges. >> yeah, an the fog is -- and the -- there's fog on the golden gate. there's a little bit of slow traffic and the bay bridge toll plaza. not very foggy and on the san mateo bridge it's a little foggy as well. if we go to the maps, getting into los gatos, 101 and 280,
8:26 am
slow. but there's been some improvement on 85. let's go to steve. all right. fog out there. some of it very, very thick. other areas it's very, very nice. it's the sign of a cooling friend. it will an slow process because of the nature of the -- because of the system east. that's gonna block everything downstream. that's 40s for some. nothing very thick. a quarter mile visibility or less. santa rosa, 45. take your peek. there's some -- take your pick. there's some there. we get the fog but that's about it. foggy, sun, cooler, dense fog advisory was out until 8:00, i haven't seen an extension on that. 60s and 70s. and temperatures look like the warmert day of the week. no doubt about it. fog will be in the form of low clouds on tuesday. increasing loud on wednesday.
8:27 am
thursday morning, it looks like we're all right for the giants' a trade. clearing on friday and we're looking at another sunny and warm weekend. all right. 8:26. it was only about 12 hours ago that the giants and their fans started celebrating another world series championship. [ cheers ] >> got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> it still looks good. when the giants are expected back here in the bay area to share in the excitement with their fans. >> reporter: overzealous giants' fans target streets and offices. and screen printing shops have been working frantically to try to get these shirts out.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
sergio romo struck out miguel cabrera ending the game in the world series. marco scutaro, clutch hit. brought in the go-ahead run. after the game, scutaro wanted to make sure the rest of the team got the credit.
8:31 am
>> my team came through, first series, second series and now we stood the tigers. that's what i told my team. please, i don't want to be against the wall again. let's try to get rid of this quick. [laughter] >> this is the joints -- giants' second world championship in two years. they are expected to land at sfo at 3:30 this afternoon. brian flores is live in union, where world series gear is turning out. but let's go to tara moriarty first where the damage occurred. >> reporter: we're foo you blocks away where fans broke into the deli. you can see the smashed glass on the sidewalk and the window just totally shattered. the owner says that vandals stole bear and sandwiches. he says he's disappointed about
8:32 am
the lack of police presence. >> there was not one police officer i could see -- police officer, i could see anywhere. you as a taxpayer, i expect the police to be here when there's that type of -- type of mayhem going on in the streets. [inaudible] >> reporter: a security guard said he was assaulted when an angry mob broke a dozen windows and then you -- and then next door you can see where they broke a window there. >> it was the fourth game and if they wanted -- who knows what will the fans will do. but generally the fans will -- they are the great. all fans here. it is kind of a shame this happens. the deli owner is angry at the city. he says if the officials knew they were gonna play the game on the jumbotron with thousands
8:33 am
watching and drinking alcohol, they should have been able to handle the crowd. ktvu shows that on-duty numbers were out numbered. no word yet on damage -- were outnumbered. no word yet on damage estimates. i'm tara moriarty tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you, tara. this viewer sent us this video. this happened on third and market streets overnight. no word if anyone was hurt. 8:33. there was a loud but peaceful celebration in san francisco's inner sunset doctor district -- sunset district. one of our viewers sent us this video. this is 9th ander ving. the celebration here didn't appear to get out of -- this --
8:34 am
and erving. this celebration here didn't appear to get out of hand. >> and there was a lot of love for the giants. this bar in san jose was parked with fans wearing orange and black. the fans we talked to said they can't wait for the giants come home. a lot of them plan to be at wednesday's victory parade. several stores across the bay area are getting ready for big crowds today. that's because they are expecting giants' world series merchandize to fly off store shelves. brian flores is live in union city and you are with some people who have spent hours getting the -- geneva -- getting the job done. >> reporter: we're live at 1204 sports located in union city. and workers have been working the late-night hours trying to get these out to local stores so they can have them. there are several designs available. but right here, they are printing the locker room t- shirts given to the players after the game. the parade shirt that will be
8:35 am
warn on -- worn on wednesday and another shirt available on lee tail. several -- retail. several fans began to -- began to line up. it's printing shops like this that are frantically trying to keep up with demand an you can believe there will be demand. >> two times in the last two years, that's remarkable. we set up for these things in ten years and in 2003, it came close and then the sharks and the 49ers but this one -- but this one, to get it back to back is great. >> reporter: and screen printing shops like these started to make the initial world series ship. and then when the giants won, that's when the printing
8:36 am
started to pick up. back out here live, there's places to get them. sports, authority and the giants ago dugout stores. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. we have complete coverage of the world series tab. 8:35. and new this morning an early- morning three-alarm warehouse fire was delaired suspicious. it started on almaden road. it took about three hours to control the flames. you see the pictures there. fire crews are still mopping up hot spots. that vacant building used to house the almaden valley, gymnastic clubs. firefighters attacked the flames why outside and they were worried the crews might fall into two empty swimming pools inside that building. the san jose fire departments's newest recruits begin at the academy.
8:37 am
33 make up one of the largest classes ever. they will bring the department to the -- the department there. we want to check in -- we want to check in with sal. what's the bay bridge toll plaza look like. >> it's improve a little bit. if you can look at the ramp that comes down from 880. you can see the first signs of improvement trying to get into san francisco. also the morning commute is going to be -- what a difference in the weather here. steve is probably noticing highway 24, moderately heavy getting up to the tunnel. this morning, 101 and 280 see some slowing here on those main freeways. let's go to steve. there's some fog. if you are in there, man, man,
8:38 am
man, it's thick. we have low clouds, fog could be really thick but i think it willing -- i think it will be low clouds, upper 50s, low 60s. i think we're all right. the cold front was originally due on wednesday. now everything is slowing down because of hurricane sandy. even halloween forecast looks good. 60s and 50s. mostly cloudy, could be drizzle on the coach but the rain stays away for another 12 hours from wednesday night into thursday morning. high pressure is still in charge. dense fog was out until 8:00. cooler weather starts today, more so tuesday into wednesday. 40s, 50s to near 60. everything is okay. the system will continue to develop but it is just literally running into a wall in the atmosphere and that wall is on the east coast. it will impact this system. so it really has no place to
8:39 am
go. foggy, sun, cooler, dense fog out. a little bit cooler. 60s and 70s and what we're looking at is some of the -- is some of the inland temperatures. not the 80s. we're seeing low clouds. not until late. i think we do get rain thursday morning. fry will get rid of it and the weekend back to sunny and warmer. rene marsh is in asberry park in new jersey with a look at the conditions deteriorating rapidly, right, rene? >> reporter: they sure are, steve. good morning. i will tell you that sandy is quite a cold storm bringing in cold, cold air here and the wind is the major issue right how in asberry park new jersey. it's pretty rough as you would expect. you desoot -- you see the waves
8:40 am
crashing into the shore. we expect $50 million -- we expect 50 million people to impacted by the storm. the states from north carolina to maine have urged residents in low-lying areas to evacuate. public transportation has been shut down in new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. grills warn sandy is not your storm. this storm is moving slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> we have two additional tie which are the most frightening. >> conditions are gonna get worse and worse and we didn't want people to go to work today and have to its drive home or not get home at all. >> reporter: new york mayor michael bloomberg urged residents to heeds the warning. >> i can't stress enough this is for your own safety and that if you refuse to evacuate but
8:41 am
also the first responders so we'll have -- the first responders will have to assist you in an emergency. >> reporter: in a live look -- and a live look at the atlantic ocean there. just a choppy, choppy situation. i spoke to one lady at a hotel and she was evacuating. she was along the beach but then i spoke to the lady at the check out counter and she said she was not going anywhere. show was gonna ride out -- ride out the storm. i can tell you here in new jersey, also as a precaution because of this storm, two oil refineries have been shut down. so a lot of preparation as sandy ins closer and closer. back to you, steve. >> all right. rene marsh. thank you. the key airshow, it is co. this is the interaction from the cold center.
8:42 am
the fool moon is still system -- is still there. >> you know, they are saying this is just unprecedented worse days scenario and we want to mention that w closed for the first time since weather since 1985 and likely it will be closed again tomorrow. >> you would think. yeah. >> uh-huh. searching for missing men in the sierra snow. what we know about two men who have been missing for several days. >> reporter: department of public works crews cleaned up a big mess in the vision. how a victory celebration got
8:43 am
out of it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly.
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8:45 am
we're starting to get reports of flooding and damage from hurricane sandy on the east coast. look at this new video. people using boats to get around on flooded roads. this is long island, new york. there's also a lot of flooding in manhattan, brooklyn and new jersey, especially atlantic. the public safety director says most of the city of atlantic
8:46 am
city is under water. the center of the storm is not expected to make landfall until later today. well, the giants they are due back here in the bay area around 3:00 this afternoon after they swept the tigers to win their second world series in three years. marco scutaro hit the go-ahead run in the 10th inning and then sergio romo closed it out. now, some of the giants' fans got a little rowdy overnight. this is what happened in the mission district where trash cans were set on fire. allie rasmus is live at 16th and mission on the cleanup that's -- that the trues have been doing for hours. >> reporter: good morning. the department of public works has been doing a lot of work to clean this up.
8:47 am
the crews have been out here. earlier this morning, police lined the intersection of 16th and mission. once that crowd started getting a little too early. the command sent up a center. at 1:00 a.m. they were told to leave. this is all after fans and rowdy crowds set several dumpsters on fire in the middle of mission street. some of them were smoldering for hours. >> here we are at 16th and mission. we started at around 4th and mission. every block and intersection there were fires. in between the blocks. quite a few fires. tipped over garbage fans and
8:48 am
trash litters -- and trash litters everywhere. >> it's fun in the beginning but the reason i left the chaos was because a friend of mine was hit in the face with a beer can. that's when it was too wild. >> we saw one shop owner standing guard in front of his ms.-- hanging sure -- making sure no one in the crowd would break his windows. he said many of the people he saw were wearing masks and hats, completely covering their faces. none of the businesses in the mission district had their windows broken. but we just spoke with the supervisor and he said he has made the rounds this morning and heard from a number of businesses at least a dozen he said that did have some dagging -- that did have some tagging.
8:49 am
so the supervisor said the city is trying to compile a damage estimate to see how long it will cost to help those businesses. live in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. the search continues in the sierra nevada for two missing men. 55-year-old larry kanoen went hiking in the forest ten days ago and has not been seen since. crews are also searching for 52- year-old mathew hansen who never returned from a ten-day backpacking trip. just last week, drews found another missing hiker. >> 8:49. the chp dispatch center in vallejo, it's still closed after a fire last night in the building. a computer console at the dispatcher center overheated and then caught fire. the building sprinkler system quickly put out the flames and no injuries were reported. but the dispatch center is still closed.
8:50 am
no word on when this re-- no word when it may reopen. >> in the meantime, a race car driver -- a race car driver from red -- from redding is being remembered after crashing at the napa county fairgrounds on saturday. tyler wolf was killed. he missed a turn and crashed at the calistoga raceway. that was a celebration of the 75th anniversary. last year, wolf became the youngest driver to win the sprint car championship at silver dollar speedway. ten minutes before 9:00, the battle over a proposed soda sax in this richmond really heating up. how voters can have their way tonight a week before election day. we're looking at traffic going nowhere. sal's coming back with one more check on your morning commute.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> move! move! >> you are not going to sit here. [bleep] >> yes, i am. >> no, no, no. senior citizens in silicon valley being warned about scams aimed at steeling their -- stealing their money. people are getting calls in the middle of the night claiming to will be go -- claiming to be their grandchild and they are from in a -- and they are in a mexican jail and need money to get out. senior citizens are subjected to $93 million in fraud and most victims with women.
8:54 am
vs caught burning wood on spare the air stays, starting this year, $100 citations will be issued instead of warnings the season starts this thursday. runs through february. the air quality management district will forgive fines for first time violenters who go through a special class. there is a town hall meeting in richmond to discuss a campaign to tax sugary drinks. this is part of the effort to fight obesity. if it passes, richmond would become the first city to impose just a tax on businesses. the town hall meeting starts at 7:00 in richmond. let's quickly check in with sal, see what's happening in the commute. >> let's go out and show -- let's take a look at the commute. 880, a little bit slow as you come through. bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up for a 20-minute delay. if you are in san jose, northbound 101 you will see some slow traffic there.
8:55 am
let's go back to the studio. we have fock out there. once that fog burns off and then sunny. a little cooler. we look for rain. so the ra paid looks -- so the parade looks okay. all eyes on sandy. that's off the chart. it's incredible how strong this system is getting stronger. >> how -- >> the eye is almost 25 miles wide. winds, out 1 -- storm winds out 500 miles. >> wow. >> okay. well, that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the mex time news breaks. be sure to join the news at noon for more on hurricane sandy as steve said, it's just about to bear down on the new jersey coast tonight and tomorrow. but now we leave you with a look back with some of the memorable moments of the 2012
8:56 am
world series. >> people said we couldn't do it. then we lost melky and people said we can't do it. i think it's just -- i think it's perseverance through the whole season. that's where we draw the conference, like i said, it's not over until the last out is made. ♪ >> another one! >> pablo sandoval! three-run omer game. ♪ >> hard hit and fair. that's down the left field line. they are gonna bring it. to the plate and it's -- it's in time!
8:57 am
they got it! ♪ >> it's gonna roll and save. >> giants 2-0 flames. 3-2 and a fly ball deep into right center. >> that's ripped down the line. >> that's it. giants take a 3-0 game. looking for his first hit. and he rips one down the right field line. into the corner, it's off the wall. the giants -- this one is down
8:58 am
the line. at the wall. the giants have are regained the lead. home run buster posey. line drive to the center field and that's -- the throw is not in time! scutaro delivers and the giants lead 4-3 in the 10th. tigers down to the -- >> got him looking! the giants have won it all! ♪ %blñwó
8:59 am

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